About the Company

The Donetsksteel Group is a major producer of commercial high-rank coking coal concentrate, coke and metal products.

Coal Mining Segment

  • Substantial Coal Reserve Base
    • The coal reserves amount to 290 mt (JORC);
    • The static reserve index is 58 years.
  • Largest coking coal mine in the CIS (over 8 mt of coal produced)
  • High-rank K Grade (coking) coal produced by the Donetsksteel Group is reckoned one of the best in the world
  • Leading positions in Ukraine (2011)
    • 36% of coking coal concentrate produced
    • 100% of K Grade (coking) coal concentrate produced with the sulfur content of less than 1%
  • Current Opportunities for Coal Preparation

Coal Mining Segment consists of:

Coke Industry Segment

  • Major producer and Exporter of commercial high-rank coke in Ukraine
  • Cutting-edge coking plants in Eastern Europe with a total annual output of 3.4 mt
  • 100% availability of its own raw materials

Coke Industry Segment consist of:

Metallurgical Segment

  • Integrated Iron and Steel Works
  • Product range:
    • cast iron (1.45 mt per annum)
    • steel (1.5 mt per annum, under construction)
    • rolled sections (0.37 mt per annum)
    • flat products (0.52 mt per annum)
  • Major producer and exporter of commercial iron in the CIS and Eastern Europe

Metallurgical Segment represented by «Donetsksteel» – metallurgical plant


Key Historic Milestones


Vertically-integrated company

2007 — 2012

2011 — Successful completion of the Donetsksteel Group loan restructuring process

2010 — Privatization of the Donetskshakhtoprokhodka Mine Construction Company (unique equipment and know-how for vertical mine shaft building)

2008 — Commissioning of the Sviato-Varvarinskaya Preparation Plant (the largest in Europe)

2008 — First loan drawn down under ECA (Hermes) cover, €25 mil.

2008 — First PXF transaction (a syndicated loan amounting to USD 300 million)

2008 — The Donetsksteel Group was assigned ‘B-’ Corporate Rating assessment by Fitch Ratings

2007 — The Donetsksteel Group issued bonds to the amount of UAH 900 miillion, which is the largest corporate bond placement in the domestic market of Ukraine

2007 — Launch of investment programs for development of the metallurgical, coal mining and coke industry segments

Development & Consolidation

1992 — 2006

2007 — Long-term development programs for metallurgical, mining and coking businesses launched

2006 — First international audit of financial statements, optimization of the Donetsksteel Group corporate structure

2004 — Privatization of the Krasnoarmeiskaya-Zapadnaya No.1 Mine

2003 — Privatization of the Makeyevka Coking Plant

1997 — Privatization of the Yasinovsky Coking Plant

1996 — Beginning of cooperation between the Group, the Krasnoarmeiskaya-Zapadnaya No.1 Mine and the Chumakovskaya Preparation Plant

1992 — Setting-up of the Concern Energo OJSC (the Group)