«Donetskshakhtoprokhodka» Mine Construction Company

Viktor LevitGeneral Director of Donetskshakhtoprokhodka, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

The Donetskshakhtoprokhodka was set up in August 2008 on the basis of the Donetskshakhtoprokhodka Trust run since 1952. Today the Company is a member of the Donetsksteel Group and is among the leading shaft-sinking companies in Ukraine.

The Donetskshakhtoprokhodka is engaged in sinking underground workings for mines and collieries, driving workings in a difficult mining and geological environment, installation and setting-up of heading and production equipment of mines and collieries on the surface and underground, degassing of coal seams from the surface etc.

The Company applies the following shaft-sinking processes:

  • combined sinking (consecutive rock excavation and setting permanent supports in a low-height face area);
  • parallel shield sinking (used to achieve the maximal rates of sinking at a shaft depth of over 900 m);
  • shearer sinking (for sinking shafts with an inner diameter of 7 and 7.5 m and a depth of up to 1200 m);
  • methods of driving level and inclined workings;
  • special drivage methods.

At present Company's employees are engaged in the second and third construction stages of the Pokrovskoye Colliery Group and Zasiadko Mine. They are also constructing the Udachniy underground mine of the Alrosa JSC (Yakutia) and participating in the National Program for Coal Seam Degassing.

website: http://www.dshp.dn.ua/