Coal Company «Pokrovs'ke»

largest coking coal mine in Ukraine

Leonid Baysarov - President, Hero of Ukraine. Companion of the Distinguished Service Order, Holder of the whole set of Badges of Honor “Miner’s Glory” and “Miner’s Valor”, Honored Miner of Ukraine

Yury Golovko – director of  PJSC “Pokrovskoye Colliery Group”. Member of the Order of Merit, full member of the sign of Miner’s Glory.  

  • Commissioned in 1990, PJSC Coal Company “Pokrovs'ke” is currently one of the largest coking coal mine in CIS by production volumes
  • Coal reserves: :
    • coal: 290mmt (JORC)
    • reserve life (given 2011 production level) – over 40 years
  • Method of extraction – underground mining. The coal-layer (d4) are located at the depth from 650m
  • Application of modern technologies/equipment:
    • in-house shaft sinking company with unique know-how in vertical shaft constructing and highly experienced personnel
    • modern shaft-building equipment from “Sandvik” (1st in Ukraine)
    • partner producer of high-quality supporting legs (UBO owns German producer “Esser” –leader in its sector)
    • Implementation of high efficiency thin layer plough complex from Bucyrus DBT (1st in Ukraine)
    • high-capacity surface degasational drilling by “Sense EDM (TTS group)” rig(1st in Ukraine)
  • The mine has relatively high levels of methane, but Donetsksteel is increasingly investing in most modern safety technologies:
    • 3 stages of degasification: ventilation, advance underground and surface degasification;
    • License for extraction of gas methane;
    • methane utilisation – gas cogeneration power plant launched in 2011

Raw coal production vs. peers (mmt)

*Raspadskaya mine includes all the production capacities of Raspadsky Coal - Mine Raspadskaya, Inc. and KMC-96 Company Section Raspadsky

Productivity dynamics (t/month per person) (calculated on the basis of the total number of personnel in industrial production) (m / month per employee)