«Ukrstroy» Krasnoarmeisk Motor Transport Company

Vladimir GubarevChairman of the Board

The company was set up on 11 March 1994 to replace the leased Krasnoarmeisk Motor Depot (founded in 1963). The primary activity is delivery of cargo and passenger transportation services to the Donetsksteel Group as well as supply of special equipment and machinery.

In 2011 the company:

  • carried 4,2 mmt of cargo;
  • worked 0.9 mmh;
  • the freight turnover totaled 20 mk;
  • the total km. reached 15 mil.

The Production and Technical Service of the company consists of divisions engaged in preparation of vehicles, their maintenance and repair.

Production facilities of the auxiliary unit comprise motor vehicle repair shops, tire changing and welding shops, a wash-room, a fuel and oiling receiving section and two refueling stations.