Metallurgical products.

PJSC «DONETSKSTEEL» - Iron and Steel Works» is a modern metallurgical enterprise focusing on production of:

  • cast iron and pig iron;
  • over 100 different grades of ordinary carbon, constructional, tool, low-alloy, alloy quality and high quality steel;
  • high-quality non-ferrous alloy church bells;
  • slag-forming mixtures, granulated slag and some construction material items.

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Coke production of "Donetsksteel" company consist of two stand-alone coke plants: "Yasinovskiy cocking-chemical plant" and "Makeevkoks". Plants are situated in Makeevka, Donetsk region.
Plants are operating on 8 coking batteries with general capacity of 3,4 mmtpa.

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Grade K produced by Donetsksteel Group is the highest grade of metallurgical coal: Donetsksteel's low-sulfur and low-phosphoros coal is the best in Ukraine and one of the best in the world by quality

  • 100% marketability – can replace any other coal (incl. steam coal) and irreplaceable component for coke production
  • main raw material for Premium Coke production
  • significant volumes of production which leads to demand satisfaction

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